Stone Ridge Estates
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It's one thing to rule over your own home, but quite another to govern your neighbourhood as well. As an owner in Stone Ridge Estates, you take unique title to your lot, just as you would in a conventional development. But thanks to bare land strata titling, you also gain joint ownership of common areas – so that decisions you and your neighbours make about shared concerns like amenities, landscaping and pathways become legally enforceable bylaws. That's a level of control most homeowners never get to experience. And just one more advantage of choosing Stone Ridge Estates for your family.

  • Bare Land Strata titling offers extraordinary privacy, security and control
  • Strata combines privacy and independence – you own your lot and share common areas for exclusive use by you and your neighbours
  • Access via private road and common areas for the sole use of the owners
  • Strata council formed with neighbours allows for shared decisions about the neighbourhood to maintain quality and standards
  • Maintenance of common areas and shared services by a professional property management firm
  • Common ownership supports a strong sense of community and a connection with neighbours – without compromising your individual autonomy
  • FAQs

    What is a bare land strata?

    A bare land strata is a strata plan on which the boundaries of the lots are defined by survey markers and not by reference to walls. It is a division of land rather than of a building or buildings as would be the case in a condominium.

    Do I own the property?

    Yes, your lot is classified as freehold. The "strata lot" is a lot shown on a strata plan, and is owned privately by a registered owner or owners.

    Why bare land strata?

    Stone Ridge Estates was designated as bare land strata by the City of Kamloops. Property taxes tend to be lower with this type of development since the strata owners are responsible for common area maintenance including roadways and services within the strata. In addition, bare land strata is the easiest way to create a private entry and common area for a selected group of homes.

    What common facilities will the strata owners share?

    • Illuminated entrance surrounded by landscaping followed by a private bridge
    • Centrally located amenity space: Over 1 acre of landscaped and grassed area with gazebo offering valley views and connecting pathways.
    • Three additional large open common areas with natural flora and foliage.
    • Roadways with street lighting through entire site
    • Visitor parking on north side as well as various additional visitor parking spaces located in small groups throughout site
    • Some services including sewage treatment, water supply, underground hydro

    What are owners responsible for in a bare land strata?

    Sharing common property comes with benefits, and these facilities need to be maintained. This is accomplished by a strata council comprised of Stone Ridge Estate owners. With the assistance of a property management firm, the strata council manages the common property and facilities, undertakes improvements and manages bylaws. To fund these activities, the strata collects monthly maintenance fees from the owners.

    The upkeep of strata facilities is important not only for owners’ use but also to maintain the value and quality of the property. Similar to non-strata freehold land ownership, home owners are responsible for the maintenance of their individual homes.

    Monthly maintenance fees include items such as common area utilities, maintenance, snow clearing and management fees.

    How much are the monthly maintenance fees?

    The budget for the strata has not been finalized but an assessment done by a local property management firm estimates the monthly cost for each strata lot at approximately $80.

    What is the difference between strata and bare land strata?

    Bare land strata is governed by The Bare Land Strata Regulations and refers to the subdivision of land into strata lots and common property. In a condominium strata, all the lots share land and walls as well as common property. In a bare land strata, each lot is individually owned and houses a single-family, self-contained dwelling.

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